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Discovering Knowledge in Data:
An Introduction to Data Mining
2nd Edition

Daniel T. Larose and Chantal Larose

Table of Contents

1.  An Introduction to Data Mining
2.  Data Preprocessing
3.  Exploratory Data Analysis
4.  Univariate Statistical Analysis
5.  Multivariate Statistics
6.  Preparing to Model the Data
7.  K-Nearest Neighbor
8.  Decision Trees
9.  Neural Networks
10.  Hierarchical and K-Means Clustering
11.  Kohonen Networks
12.  Association Rules
13.  Imputation of Missing Data
14.  Model Evaluation Techniques


Adopters of the book will have access to a special password-protected website containing the answer keys, Powerpoint presentations of the chapters, applied data mining projects, and other resources.  Contact Dr. Daniel Larose at with information about your course.
Download data sets used in the book:
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Adult (348 Kb zipped, 3.1 Mb unzipped)
Churn (319 Kb)